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Who the heck is Herb?

When my Grandma was in labor with my Father, the hospital called the A&P where my Grandfather worked to alert him of the news. No one knew who they were talking about, they had never heard of a James Robert Herbert before. It took them a little while until they figured out they were looking for "Herb" the produce manager. The name is a tribute and an honor for me to be mistakenly referred to by new customers. 

How it all started.

I started this concept in 2013 when I created my first piece of furniture that I needed to ship out of state. The quote was extremely high, so I decided to go back and rework the design. A few minor adjustments and the piece was packed flat, which reduced the shipping costs by 500%. I immediately saw how this price difference was affecting prices of handmade goods and the barriers local craftsmen created for themselves vs the large retailers. I decided to make it my mission to create handmade flat packed furniture that competes with large retailers both price and design quality.

About me.

I have been building furniture for the past 6 years but have been making things my whole life. Until recently, I worked along side the DIYZ crew at Stanley Black and Decker as the go-to woodworker, in charge of designing DIY projects that I then built on camera. My peanut butter addiction led to the design and launching of the Kickstarter for the the PBspoon which has sold over 7,000 units to date.


Formerly located in the Crown Cork and Seal Factory in Baltimore, MD; I just moved to Portland, OR.

Word on the street.

Everybody's talking about Herb's Furniture.

Fantastic customer service; despite Etsy having issues, Chris made sure I was getting what I wanted. Easy set up (this is not a Swedish flat pack torture device). Great character in the reclaimed wood. I may have to come back to have Herb's do my bar.

– Theodore Brogowski

Looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. Made from very solid wood with lots of great character. Relatively easy to put together--had the whole thing built in about a half hour. We love it!

– Eric Zrinsky

We were looking for a unique bar cart to fit into our rustic dining room decor. We wrote Chris to confirm a few details before we ordered and he was extremely helpful and timely in his reply. When the cart showed up, it was more beautifully crafted than we expected, the pictures didn't do it justice. The wood has so much character, and it was extremely sturdy after assembly. Thanks Chris for the beautiful addition to our home!

– Christina Rudzinski