PBspoon - the perfect peanut butter spoon



Designer with a peanut butter addiction

This idea first came to me as I was camping during the recent Great American Eclipse in Asheville, NC. Like any wood-obsessed designer, I whittled spoons whenever I had downtime during my trip. I realized none of the round spoons I made efficiently scooped peanut butter from the container, and left a lot behind. I thought: “what if there was a cross between a spoon and a spatula to scoop every last bit out of the container?

I wanted to maintain the classic feeling of eating peanut butter out of the jar, but with a utensil that could get into every nook and cranny of the container. The first model was made in my workshop, cut out on a bandsaw, and then hand whittled to its final shape.

After daily use of this spoon, I realized the wooden spoon wasn’t flexible enough to form to the shape of the jar, so I set out to design a better version. I started with the original wooden spoon shape and dimensions and created a 3D model, allowing me to quickly advance and tweak the design of the spoon.

Once I had a finished design, I contacted manufactures and attorneys to get a clear path to market and protect my IP for the launch on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter funding was successful raising $17,000 in 30 days with features on Cool Material, Better Living through Design, Core 77, Tools and Toys, My Recipes and Real Simple. The first production run of spoons is currently underway!